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Some of the organisations that STM Systems have worked with since 1991 include:

case studies

Project Management  as a discipline is hard to define both completely and concisely. Finding people that can do it well, rather than just talk about it, can be just as difficult.

We don't profess to know everything about project management, but we do have a track record of getting it right; and we recognise the important factors that shape and predetermine the whole process of running successful projects:

1. Careful Planning

2. Proper Resourcing

3. Effective Control Mechanisms

4. Adequate Monitoring

5. Adaptability

6. Meeting Delivery Requirements

The case studies we have selected illustrate how we have applied these factors to bring about real world business systems solutions.

Project Title:

Internet Betting System


Probet Technology Ltd.

Architecture and Scope:

A Distributed interNet Architecture (DNA) with logical layers for Data Access, Business Processes and Presentation. The deliverables were a generic application and back-office web server engine which can manage the client-side demand of up to seventy-plus branded sites linked to English First, Second and Third Division football club websites, as well as the main site ( of the project.


The prime objectives of the project were to develop a partnership of strongly branded websites that would capture a viable percentage of the burgeoning "casino" style betting market.

The project was six months into development and already suffering from milestone slippage, when Steve McElroy of STM Systems was called in as a senior developer and mentor. Two months after joining the project Steve was asked to head up a new development team. Less than two months later, the original software contractors left the project and Steve McElroy took over as head of development.

Steve immediately expanded the development team by bringing in three staff from STM Systems plus several additional freelance contractors. The new team then set about completing the project.

Within the next three months, the new team delivered a production-ready system. In recognition of this achievement, the Clients paid STM Systems a significant performance bonus for rescuing the project and successfully completing the job.

The system continues to be a very successful on-line trading operation.

Project Title:

Treasury Systems


Dawson Int'l & First National Building Society

Architecture and Scope:

Client-Server Data Management and Decision Support Systems deployed at the Group Treasury Offices of both companies.


Dawson International, a Multinational Textiles Group, commissioned STM Systems to design and develop a number of Treasury Management Systems for them.

STM worked closely with the Treasury Management and Staff to design and develop the two main application requirements: a Currency Risk Information System (CRIS) and a Currency Management System (CMS).

CRIS and CMS were in constant daily use at the company's international headquarters for ten years, before they were decommissioned and replaced by the Bank of America's Treasury Management software.

Interest Risk Information System (IRIS)

This project was set-up by Scenario Sofware Ltd - a joint venture company created by STM Systems and a Treasury Management Consultancy. Our joint mission was to design, develop and market an advanced Decision Support System for senior Treasurers and Investment Analysts.

The IRIS system was successfully developed and sold to the First National Building Society in Dublin, Eire.

Project Title:

Job Management System


Chesterton International plc

Architecture and Scope:

A component-based Windows-32 Client Server application. To be deployed at all local and regional branch offices and depots of the group across the UK


An International Property Management and Consultancy group commissioned STM Systems to design and develop a Job Management System.

The core functionality of the system includes:

1. Timesheet recording and reporting

2. Expenses recording and reporting

3. Project Control and Job Assignment

4. Fees Analysis and Job Costing

5. Multi-level Views and Access Levels

6. Database Replication

7. Real-time Job Activity Recording

Steve McElroy led a three-man team within STM Systems that built and enhanced the application over eighteen months.

Versions of the finished product were deployed at the Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, London and Belfast offices of the Group.

STM Systems brought out a slimmed down version of the product for SME's. This product featured in the December 1997 issue of PC Pro, which ran an approving article on the product and included a trial version on their CD cover disc

STM Systems continues to use the products in-house to record Job, Time and Expenses data and to manage project costs.

Project Title:

PUMA & HallTrack


George S. Hall plc

Architecture and Scope:

A component-based Windows-32 Client Server application to be deployed at all local and regional branch offices and depots of the group across the UK


A UK-based Facilities Management Group approached STM Systems and asked us to modernise and replace their existing planned maintenance data management system.

After inspecting the system and carrying out a survey, we agreed to develop and deliver a Windows 32 Client- Server product that would contain the essential component functionality of the existing DOS-based system.

A four-man team was assigned to the project. One of the client's own developers was seconded to the team and mentored by STM over the development phase.

Development work started immediately, with the existing application acting as the main reference point for functional and design specifications.

Within four months, fully working prototypes for all the main subsystems - Client Management, Site Maintenance Planning and Job Costing - were delivered, tested and accepted by the client.

After nine months, the finished system was delivered and signed off by the client. Responsibility for further development was transferred to the client's IT department, as per the initial agreement, who called their version of the product "HallTrack".

George S Hall continue to use the product to support and control their job costing and business operations.